One Around the Sun

by Solar Circuit

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Solar Circuit presents their debut full length studio album 'One Around The Sun'. Following another year under their belt, 'One Around the Sun' captures the development of this jamtronic trance fusion groups sound, drive, and passion for the collaboration they have built and seek to share with the world.
With the release of 'Levitate EP' in 2016, this motivated and eager up-and-coming Philly act sought to get their feet off the ground and their sounds to the world. Now, pulling out the tracks that were saved in the repository, having been heard only at live performances, these original tracks now come to life as studio cuts, available for purchase and streaming on all major music outlets.
The sound of 'One Around The Sun' is the summation of the eclectic mix that Solar Circuit has developed into their own. Pulling from a wide variety of influences, genres, and skill sets, these four dedicated musicians and friends are excited to continue to dive deeper into the unique blend of sounds they have developed. With the pure intentions of hoping to reach and speak to their audience and to provide an escape from this troubled world, we invite you to step into the Solar Circuit and see what is in store for this trip around the sun, as well many more to come...

Sacred Flame
*Tracks 2, 8, 9, and 10
This 9 part series was originally composed, produced, and released in 2013 by TR (Solar Circuit bassist and vocalist, Taylor Jamison). 'Sacred Flame', the space rock opera, has come to life in a new form; reworked and remixed for a live setting within the catalog of Solar Circuit. Installations #s 2, 4, 5, and 8 are present on 'One Around The Sun', and further segments will continue to be revealed throughout the upcoming years as Solar Circuit, to reveal the remaining pieces of this interstellar tale.


released August 21, 2017

Copyright 2017 Solar Circuit.
All songs written, composed and performed by Solar Circuit; Rob Fray (drums), Taylor Jamison (bass, vocals), Becca LeVan (keys, synths, vocals), Nick Orlove (guitar).
Special thanks to Mike Cherubino for 'Alive' percussion.
Produced by Solar Circuit.
Recorded by Solar Circuit at Studio 1514.
Drum tracking by Patrick Bayer of Evergreen Audio.
Piano tracking by Doug Raus of Turtle Studios.
Mixed by Patrick Bayer of Evergreen Audio (tracks 2-3, 6-10) and Doug Raus of Turtle Studios (tracks 1, 4-5).
Mastered by Sean Svadlenak of Turtle Studios.
Album art by Lindsay Jamison.


all rights reserved



Solar Circuit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jamtronic Trance Fusion band, with improvisational roots to take the crowd down a unique and experimental path with each live set. “Even with influences like The Disco Biscuits, STS9, Lotus, and Phish, Solar Circuit maintains a unique style and sound in their live performances and in their recent studio work while mixing in the dance/trance element...” - 215music

*Cover photo: Andrew Hutchins
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Track Name: Alive
Break it down
Pick yourself up
Gotta fill up your own damn cup
No one's gonna do it for you, or me
Got to want to change if your whole worlds gonna rearrange
Take control look inside your soul
You've got to take back your day

It's high time to realize
the whole world's been compromised
You've got to wake up and fight today
Find hope and keep it close
When it feels like the world is going up in smoke
It gets dark but deep inside I see the light alive in your eyes

You have got to know
You have got to realize
You have got to see
See it with your real eyes
Track Name: The Eye
I'll be your fire, I'll be your flame
I'll be your fire, I'll be your flame

I've seen things, beyond your comprehension
Vast expanses into the unknown
I've crossed into the forbidden dimension
To steal the power of the sacred flame

Try to fight the tides
It's a long ride
Just remember that the eye can see you
In a distance world, the task at hand
Remember that the eye can see you

How could I allow harm to befall you
In time you'll know the truth
I'd rather pluck out my eyes
Then raise a hand against you
Doomsday signal pulsing from the tooth
So far away from home
But so close to my heart
Death from above, upon this stone
To tear this world apart
Track Name: Bits of Time
This is how we make it break down
using little bits of time?
Even if we could think straight
We're gonna lose our minds

It's a beautiful day

Who knows how to fix things
using little bits of time?
This is how we work things out
Using Rob Fray's mind

You got to know it
You got to show it

This is how we make you get down
using little bits of time
Even if you could think straight
You're gonna lose your mind
Track Name: Nectar
I hear your voice as it cuts me to the bone
The sound hearkens a path towards the light
Even though we are only strangers to the night
I find comfort in knowing I'm not alone
I've never felt the warmth of your gaze before
We're just two new souls for each other to explore
And if you take my hand we'll discover a whole new world
I can tell you've never felt this before

As we feel a new emotion
Feel a new emotion

Locked in time, together we'll remain
Souls entwined trying to level the plane
We can't ignore the signs seen here
The past and future presently hold us dear
You're sweet like nectar and it gets me through the day
I don't wish this feeling to go away
And if you take my hand we discover a whole new world
And I can tell that we've never felt this before
Track Name: Porpoise
Get on your space ship today
Let Solar Circuit take you far from the Milky Way
You minds surface like a porpoise to see
The whole universe was made for you and me
Galaxies light years away
Nebulas and supernovas greet us every day
Though there in danger in the dark
With space and time bent to our design we can always find a way

And I'll never be alone
Cause I can dance with my shadow
And I'll never be alone
I can do this on my own

For a while
I've been trying to get away

Arbitrary line marks on the wall
The darkness of space is creeping up on my soul
Light speed to planets far away
I think of home every single day
Getting homesick losing track of time
It gets old just flying around with no reason or rhyme
I forget when this all began
Feels like this journey is never gonna end

And now I'm alone
Been out danced by my own shadow
And now I'm alone
I can't do this on my own

For a while
I've been driving me insane
Track Name: Beach Grass
All alone, you look up to the starts
Cause you're never going back, never going back again
As time flies, and seasons go by
Slow down, let the sun in

Take your time
Don't move too fast
Ease your mind
Catch your breath

All you know is what you've been shown
But you gotta find, gotta find your own way
It's a tough climb, but you're doing fine
Every dawn draws in a new day
Track Name: Convicted
Boiling oil spells trouble
And oh, that cold wind blows
Please tell my lover that I won't be coming home
Deter her from the gallows as my head rolls

One hundred miles of desert sand
and you'd never know
I've veiled the death on my hands
To you they're white as slow
They've crossed the line twice to many
To let the record show
With the dogs barking at my heels
Soon it's time to go

The trail I blaze you'll never catch me
You best not try
The things I've done, the things I've seen
Man it'd make you want to cry
Don't try to plead with me my friend
Because your life's a lie
I've lived my life on the edge
It's how I've gotten by
Track Name: Colors
The black hole in your heart electrifies
The colors of your eyes ignite
I could tell once it'd be too much and you're not ready
Trust in me
If I tell twice it's a steep price and you can't afford to pay
I feel the reeling in your soul, just so you know it's hard to let go
It's hard to let go, It's hard to let go
The swirl of colors in my head, turn the darkest shade of red

When you can't sleep don't even talk about it
It'd be too hard if you could
Stuck there carrying the weight of the world
You want to give it up and you should

You can shine my light in the dark
Face North with no fear
Shine my light in the dark
Face North with no fear
Track Name: Day and Night
You're the moon in the night
I'm the sun that fills the sky with light
All that stands between us is the world
You can't see but it's true
I chase in the morn to get next to you
So why do you always run away?

I'll be waiting there for you

The push and the pull of the tides
Day turns again to night
I start to think that I'll never see you
As I fall you rise, as I fall you ruse
How am I ever supposed to see your face?
Then it turns twilight
For a moment you're bathed in my life
You're equal in beauty I've never known
Never known...

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